10 Clever Tricks to Make Your Move a Breeze

Just the thought of moving can make anyone stressed. Sometimes you don’t even know where to start. So the best thing to do is to get your list completed and make your move stress-free and breezy.

The best trick to a breezy move is to stop delaying the process and get on with your to-do list. Here are some clever tricks plus extra tips for a smooth move.

10 Clever Tricks to Make Your Move a Breeze

1.    Sort Your Stuff

One of the many benefits of moving is eliminating your clutters. Sort out everything and categorise them. Get a notebook where you can list the things that are important, useful, fragile, appliances, furniture, for donation, for selling and for trash.

It would be best to donate, sell or throw things that clutter your space. Remember that your new home should be a new beginning for you, hence, clutter excluded.

Extra Tip: Sort your stuff per room and get your family members to help out.

2.    Take Photos

Photos or videos are very helpful when moving. They provide a guide on how you can arrange your things in your new home.

You should also take pictures of cable connections of your personal computer, television sets and other appliances. This can help you reassemble them later on.

Extra Tip: Take photos of your place before packing, after packing and when it is empty. In case you were renting, your pictures can be used to protect you from unwarranted charges.

3.    Find Free Boxes

Looking for boxes or containers?

Visit your marketplace or a nearby grocery shop and ask if they have free boxes or crates. This can help cut unnecessary expenses.

Extra Tip: Look around your house and check if you have empty containers or laundry baskets that can be used for packing.

4.    Pack Your Things Strategically

Remember tip no. 1? Use the list you’ve created to pack your belongings. Do it one column at a time.

No need to remove your clothes from their hangers. Get new large garbage bags and use them to cover your hanging clothes and nicely fold them in half and stack them in boxes. This way, unpacking them will be as easy as well.

When packing breakables, you may use hand towels, oven mitts or other materials as paddings. This way, you’ll save on space and extra expenses while ensuring that your fragile items are intact.

Plastic stretch or cling wraps are also useful for preventing your things from getting damaged or defaced. Wrap your wooden home ornaments or your kitchen utensils to protect them from getting chipped or dented. Plastic wraps also keep your things clean and ready for use after unpacking.

Extra Tip: If you are using boxes, cut a hole on 2 sides of the box for easy handling. Just make sure that the hole is big enough so you can insert your hands.

5.    Mind Your Electronics

It helps to get your big appliances ready a few days before moving as some consist of pipe and electrical setups.

One week before your moving day, clear your fridge, defrost and clean it. I’m sure you don’t want it to get mouldy and dingy when it reaches your new home.

For your other appliances like plumbed-in coolers, dishwashers and washing machines, you may call your provider to assist you in making sure that the connections are removed or unplugged correctly and safely.

For smaller appliances, place them in boxes and pad them with throw pillows, towels or thin blankets. Use a coil to secure power cords and cables, and cut a strip of masking tape to secure them on the appliance.

Extra Tip: Place all screws, bolts and washers of each appliance in a ziplock and label them.

6. Protect Your Furniture

Plastic cling wraps are fine clear stretchy plastic that is tear-resistant. You can use this to wrap your furniture to prevent them from getting defaced, chipped and scratched. You may also use blankets, curtains, towels and other protective supplies.

Extra Tip: When packing drawers, place some of your things in them before securing them with plastic wraps or blankets. This way, you can save on space and containers.

7. Secure Your Valuables

The most important things should be packed separately. It is best to take them with you on your moving day. Valuables may include certificates, identification cards, other necessary documents, heirlooms, jewellery and gadgets.

Extra Tip: Place the necessary moving documents in your hand-carry bag for easy access. Make sure to provide your removalist with a copy of the necessary documents during the move.

8. Make a First Night Kit

Unpacking may take time so it is best to prepare a first night kit. This is to make sure that you get easy access to food, utensils, beddings and toiletries when you reach your new home. You may also include your cell phone chargers and some flashlights.

Extra Tip: Just like your valuables, it may be best to carry your first night kit with you. Make sure it does not get mixed up with the other boxes for easy access.

9. Label Your Boxes

Labelling your boxes or containers is the best way to get oriented and organised, especially when unpacking them. Make sure that the label includes the owner or room it belongs to and the content.

Extra Tip: Another way to do this is to use a colour coding system. Like kitchen stuff boxes are blue, bathroom things and toiletries are green and so on.

10. Get your Pets and Plants Ready

Pets and plants are also part of the family, so you need to get them ready for the big day. Do not overfeed your pets and bathe them the day before the move. Water your plants also the day before the move and secure them in baskets.

Extra Tip: If you are moving across the state, it may be best to ask advice from the nearest pet shop or a veterinarian on how to have long trips with pets.

These clever tips and tricks will surely make your move stress-free and breezy.

Happy moving… Contact Cairns Coastal Removals today!

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