11 Must-have Packing Supplies When Moving

July 19, 2023
Packing Supplies When Moving

The process of moving to your new home is just a small piece of the pie. The most stressful part of moving is packing your things. This is especially so if you have bulky and fragile items. It helps to have a checklist of the supplies you need to pack your belongings optimally.

So, you may be wondering what tools, devices and materials you should include in your list.

Your 11 Packing Supply Buddies

1. Plenty of Boxes

The most important supply that should top your list is a good pile of boxes. You can either buy moving boxes from office supply depots or moving companies. Sometimes, you can also visit the nearest grocery or convenience store and ask for free boxes they would otherwise throw away.

If you are working on a budget, you can scout around the house for big plastic containers, luggage, hampers and baskets and use them instead of boxes. This way, not only can you save money but space as well.

2. Bubble Wrap Cushioning

Next on your list should be bubble wrap cushioning and/or foam wrap sheets. Bubble wraps cushion oddly-shaped materials such as figurines and other ornaments. On the other hand, foam wraps are best for breakables that you can stack in a box. This includes plates, glasses and mirrors.

If you want to save on cash, you can use towels, blankets, pillowcases, curtains, shirts and other clothing to buffer your breakables and small appliances.

3. Packing Tape

Another important supply that should not go missing on your list is the tape. Whether you choose to use packing, duct or strapping tape, make sure you have more than enough of them.

Tapes can help secure your cushioning materials to keep your belonging safe during the move. Remember, however, not to use them directly on furnitures and appliances as the adhesives may damage their surfaces.

4. Packing Paper

Similar to bubble wraps, packing paper can help prevent breakages and denting to your belongings. If you have stringed instruments, packing paper can help prevent them from being scratched or damaged. You can also use this in place of foam wrap sheets.

5. Plastic or Cling Wrap

If you want to protect the sides and edges of your furniture and other breakables, plastic or cling wraps can do the trick. It is stretchy, making it very useful for intricately designed furnitures and appliances. It can also hold a stack of plates in place to prevent them from josting in the box when in transit.

6. Labelling Tools

Another packing supply must-have is labelling tools. These can help you easily sort and unpack your things in your new home. You can use permanent markers to label the boxes or colourful strips of paper for coding systems.

7. Padlocks

If you are using your luggage during the move, place your priced possessions in them and secure them with padlocks. You can also pair padlocks with cargo straps to minimise unnecessary movements when transporting appliances and furniture with castor wheels.

8. Scissors

Packing supply #8 is a couple of pairs of scissors. Depending on how many people are packing, it helps to have 2 or 3 pairs. This way, everyone can have clear access to a scissor when needed.

9. Garbage Bags

Next are garbage bags. These are very useful for gathering your clutters and packing your clothes, especially those that are hung in your closet. Simply gather the hanging clothes in batches, place them inside the garbage bags, seals the bags with tape, fold them in half, and they’re all set.

10. Handy Tool Set

If you have electronic devices and appliances that need disassembling before packing them, having a handy tool set can be a big help.

11. Furniture Pads

Lastly, you should include furniture pads in your must-have packing supply list. This ensures that your furniture arrives at its destination dent and scratch-free.

These are just 11 of the most important supplies you should prepare before packing your things. You may book this service with a reliable removalist near you for more convenient packing.

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